1. What payment methods do you accept?

We accept the following payment methods:

  • PayPal
  • Credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Maestro Diners Club, Discover and JCB)

    2. How long are my batteries covered by warranty?

    IFMOTOR batteries offer a 2-year Limited Warranty to be free of defects in material and workmanship. All batteries must be registered within the first 30 days from the original purchase date or original purchaser must provide original receipt in order to be eligible for a warranty drain. Returns will only be accepted from the original Purchaser.

    3. How to store the batteries?

    If the vehicle is to be put in storage for an extended period of time, disconnect the battery cable to eliminate drain from the vehicle’s electrical system. A fully charged battery can be put in storage for over a year without charging.

    Our batteries can be stored at temperatures between -40°C to +70°C. Our batteries have no liquid inside and will not freeze.

    4. How to install the batteries?

    Please follow the user manual below to install the battery.


    5. The price of lithium start battery is higher than traditional lead-acid starting batteries, why choose lithium battery?

    Compared to lead-acid and other lithium batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries offer significant advantages

    Higher Energy Density

    Energy density means how much energy a battery stores per the space and weight of a battery. Lithium batteries have a much higher energy density than lead-acid.  In the case of the same starting capacity,Lithium-ion batteries typically weigh 30% lighter than lead-acid batteries.It is a huge benefit for a performance rider and trying to save weight.

    High Discharge

    Lithium battery has a higher discharge rate than lead acid battery ,Under low temperature conditions in winter, the starting ability of lead-acid batteries is even lower, while lithium batteries are much better.

    Cold Weather Performance

    Lithium-ion batteries are much more efficient at low temperatures. Moreover, the discharge rate affects the performance of lead acid batteries. At -20°C, a Lithium battery that delivers a 1C current (one times its capacity), can deliver more than 80% of its energy when the lead acid battery will deliver 30% of its capacity.

    For harsh environments (hot and cold), Lithium-Ion is the technological choice.

    Extended Cycle Life

    LiFePo4 batteries can deliver at least 2000 charge/discharge cycles at 80% DoD and 1C discharge rate, and the remaining capacity remains above 80%. While lead acid battery only have hundreds cycle life .Lithium has ten times the cycle life of lead acid under most conditions ,this brings the cost of lithium lower than lead acid ,meaning you will have to replace a lithium battery less often than lead acid in a cyclic application .

    Environmental Impact

    Lead-acid batteries are among the most recycled items in the world. This is great and critical because their lead content has contributed to significant environmental and health concerns over the years. However, 5% of lead-acid batteries are not recycled. As a result, many millions of metric tons of lead are dumped into the environment.

    Lead mines are also some of the most toxic and have caused larger areas of poisonous groundwater. Long-term exposure to lead, even in minuscule amounts, can cause brain and kidney damage and learning problems in children, a concern for all of us sharing this planet.

    6. Why choose IFMOTOR ROCK&RESTART battery instead of other brands lithium batteries?

    Compared with other brands of lithium batteries, the IFMOTOR ROCK&RESTART battery has the following advantages:

    1. Excellent overcharge protection: Thousands of real vehicle tests have been carried out on various types of motorcycles with various performances on the market, even if the charging voltage of some special models is as high as 30 volts, it can still protect The battery works normally without being overcharged. Some brands of lithium batteries on the market do not have charging protection, leading to overcharging and fire incidents from time to time; some lithium battery charging protections will shut off the battery when the vehicle is moving, causing the vehicle to be unable to drive and posing safety hazards. IF MOTOR battery takes into account the safety of motorcycle driving and the superior performance.

    2. Perfect short circuit protection: the conductor (screwdriver, wrench, metal tool, etc.) is connected to the positive and negative electrodes at the same time, or the battery is accidentally reversed, which will cause short circuit. Some brands of lithium batteries on the market do not have short-circuit protection. If a short-circuit situation such as reverse connection of the positive and negative electrodes occurs, the battery will be directly damaged, or even smoke or catch fire. There is no need to worry about using IF MOTOR Motorcycle battery. When reverse connection occurs, the short circuit protection is activated and the battery enters the protection state; after the short circuit is removed, the battery can be used normally.

    3. The built-in intelligent BMS of IF MOTOR battery provides a full protection for battery from short-circuit , over-current , over-charge , over-discharge . Some brands of lithium batteries on the market do not have over-discharge protection. When left for a long time without riding, motorcycle users equipped with power-consuming devices such as dash cams will find that the battery is over-discharged and completely damaged and cannot be used.

    4. Patented ROCK&RESTART technology in the world. This function was specially developed to solve pain points of many riders, and and we got many good feedback till now .Below are some real usage scenarios of riders for reference:

    Scenario 1: A rider goes out on a motorcycle trip and stops to admire the beautiful scenery during the trip. At this time, he forgets to remove the key. The lights and stereo continue to consume power until the battery is exhausted. After watching the scenery, I couldn’t hit the car, and I was very anxious. I suddenly remembered that the battery was installed to wake up the motorcycle. I immediately started to rock the motorcycle a few times. The screen lights up, the ignition is smooth, and the bike continues to swim.

    Scenario 2: On a repair shop, the car repair master received a customer rescue call. The customer failed to start the motorcycle because he stopped to have a call and forgot to turn off the spotlight. The car repairer called and asked to go to the rescue. The distance is dozens of kilometers. The master knew that he had replaced him with the ROCK&RESTART battery of IF MOTOR, so he told the customer not to worry, and told the customer on the phone to ROCK the motorcycle from side to side for a few times, and it could start. The customer did the same, and the problem was solved. It save much time and cost .

    Scenario 3: A rider has four or five motorcycles, and some motorcycles even don’t often ride. One day a friend met to go out for a ride. The rider put on his gear and helmet, and went to the garage to ride his Harley with great interest. After riding on the motorcycle, he found that he couldn’t get the light. Because he hadn’t been riding for a long time for a few months, the Harley still existed. Power consumption, the battery cannot be started when the battery is exhausted. He remembered that this Harley battery was specially given to him by a friend. It has a ROCK&RESTART function. He immediately called a friend over and learned how to RESTART. He rock the vehicle several times. Harley was started immediately and went out for a ride with his friend.

    Scenario 4: A rider’s motorcycle was left at the DMV for a long time, waiting for the formalities. One day the DMV informed him that he could pick up the car, so he entrusted others to help pick up the car. The person from the DMV called him and said that the motorcycle was out of power and could not be called. He told the other party on the phone that he could rock the vehicle several times to wake up the battery. The other party didn’t believe it at all, but he could only give it a try at his request. After a try, the motorcycle’s screen immediately lit up and the car was started immediately. Attracting crowds of onlookers, everyone thought it was quite magical.

    There are still many scenarios omitted here. As the product is used by more riders, we will present more other usage scenarios.

    In summary, choosing IFMOTOR ROCK&RESTART battery has unparalleled advantages. We have the functions that others have, and we have the functions that others don't.

    7. What is the specific principle of the IFMOTOR ROCK&RESTART function? Why will there be electricity after rocking a few times?

    When the motorcycle is in a static state, if there are devices such as spotlights, stereos, recorders, etc., and these devices have been using battery power, the battery power will continue to be consumed, and the charging system on the motorcycle will not work in a static state.  so the battery will be exhausted until it can’t start motorcycle. IFMOTOR ROCK&RESTART BATTERY with sleep function. When the battery is nearly exhausted, the MCU detects that the battery is in a low power state, and will turn off the discharge MOS tube in time, automatically cut off all power output, and no longer supply power for device .At this time, the battery forcibly retains the last bit of power, and the vehicle can be started about 3 times continuously. When the vehicle is rocked left and right for more than three times, the MCU receives the signal and turns on the power switch to release the last remaining limited power, which is just enough to start the vehicle. So the rock action is to release the reserved power.

    8. After rocking the motorcycles, if you don't ride the bike immediately once it is started, will there have any impact?

    Note that because the battery only retains a bit power during sleep, which is just enough to start the vehicle, you must ride and let the on-board charging system charge the battery within 1 minute after starting. Within 20 minutes of riding, do not turn on high-power power-consuming devices such as spotlights, speakers, etc., because the battery is very low at this time and urgently needs to be charged. To avoid the situation that the charging cannot keep up with the power consumption. If you don’t charge the battery riding within 1 minute, the battery will enter into sleep mode again, and you can still restart again by rocking the vehicle. If you still do not ride at this time, continue to let the car stand still. After repeated two or three times, the battery will no longer be restarted by rocking and will enter into deep sleep mode. You need to use a separate dedicated charger to charge the battery, then can restart. So after restarting the battery, please ride as soon as possible.

    9. How do I know what model of IFMOTOR lithium battery needs to be installed in my vehicle?

    One way to select a model is to check the model of your own old lead-acid battery. Each of our models will be marked "How much AH is equivalent to the lead-acid battery". Refer to this mark and select the battery of the corresponding model. If conditions permit, try to choose a larger battery, which has more power, stronger discharge, and better experience. We will also refer to various models on the market and make some matching recommendations as soon as possible for your reference.