What Is ROCK&RESTART Technology : An Inside Look At IFMOTOR Black-tech

What Is ROCK&RESTART Technology : An Inside Look At IFMOTOR Black-tech

by Shengwei Jiang on March 08, 2022 Categories: Blog

IFMOTOR is created by a group of power sports enthusiasts and professional lithium battery engineers in 2019. As motorcycle enthusiasts, we deeply know that a good motorcycle starter battery will bring an extraordinary riding experience, founders recognize current lithium motorcycle batteries in the market still have problems such as overcharge, over-discharge, failure starting problems, etc. IFMOTOR's innovative Battery Manage System and Patent ROCK&RESTART technology is easy to solve the problem. In this article, let's take a deep inside look at the world's first ROCK&RESTART technology. 

  1. What is the specific principle of the IFMOTOR ROCK&RESTART function? Why will there be electricity after rocking a few times?

When the motorcycle is in a static state, if there are devices such as spotlights, stereos, recorders, etc., and these devices have been using battery power, the battery power will continue to be consumed, and the charging system on the motorcycle will not work in a static state. so the battery will be exhausted until it can't start the motorcycle. IFMOTOR ROCK&RESTART BATTERY with sleep function. When the battery is nearly exhausted, the MCU detects that the battery is in a low power state, and will turn off the discharge MOS tube in time, automatically cut off all power output, and no longer supply power for the device. At this time, the battery forcibly retains the last bit of power, and the vehicle can be started about 3 times continuously . When the vehicle is rocked left and right more than three times, the MCU receives the signal and turns on the power switch to release the last remaining limited power, which is just enough to start the vehicle. So the rock action is to release the reserved power.
ifmotor motorcycle battery


  1. After rocking the motorcycles, if you don't ride the bike immediately once it is started, will there have any impact?

Note that because the battery only retains a bit of power during sleep, which is just enough to start the vehicle, you must ride and let the onboard charging system charge the battery within 1 minute after starting. Within 20 minutes of riding, do not turn on high-power power-consuming devices such as spotlights, speakers, etc., because the battery is very low at this time and urgently needs to be charged. To avoid the situation that the charging cannot keep up with the power consumption. If you don't charge the battery riding within 1 minute, the battery will enter into sleep mode again, and you can still restart again by rocking the vehicle. If you still do not ride at this time, continue to let the car standstill. After being repeated two or three times, the battery will no longer be restarted by rocking and will enter into deep sleep mode. You need to use a separate dedicated charger to charge the battery, then can restart. So after restarting the battery, please ride as soon as po ssible.

  1. How do I know what model of IFMOTOR lithium battery needs to be installed in my vehicle? 

First of all, you can find the best motorcycle battery with our easy-to-use battery lookup tool. Two-year warranty, plus free shipping on many motorcycle batteries. Shop now!

Another way to select a model is to check the model of your own old lead-acid battery. Each of our models will be marked "How much AH is equivalent to the lead-acid battery". Refer to this mark and select the battery of the corresponding model. If conditions permit, try to choose a larger battery, which has more power, stronger discharge, and a better experience. We will also refer to various models on the market and make some matching recommendations as soon as possible for your reference .


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